How it works

Bloomincard is very easy and smart to use. You just simply take the two sides of the vase and push them together until the lock bottom clicks. Put water in the vase and then add the flowers.

Bloomincard useful to get!

Bloomincard along with Germini's home-delivered!


Surprise someone with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a bloomincard design of your choice.


Make it personal by writing a poem or some nice words inside Bloomincard.


Just fill Bloomincard with some water and you can put the flowers in immediately. Useful and nice!

Who thought of the idea for a card and vase?


Bloomincard was conceived and developed by Marjolein van der Burg and Nicole van Duijvenvoorde .

The idea for Bloomincard originated on Marjolein's birthday.
Marjolein got a lot of flowers, but couldn't find any vases. She did receive various
beautiful greeting cards with the flowers. Why not give a greeting card with the flowers
which is also a vase? No more looking for a vase and leaving your personal
message, packaged in a nice fresh or hip design.